गोर्खाले हङकङको लागि रगत बगाएनन् - दुर्गा गुरुङ - President NRN Hong Kong »

गोर्खाले हङकङको लागि रगत बगाएनन् - दुर्गा गुरुङ - President NRN Hong Kong
Video By: Jagat Ambu Gurung
----- Nam Sing Thapa ---
Thanks Durga Gurung, Chairman NRAHKji, for your criticized about Gurkhas in Hong Kong.It was British ship harbour. it's just occupied by British Navy. After WW2,The Gurkha Battalions stationed in1948. We had extremely arduous time in 1960s' Hong Kong. Believe or not I had IC Rs.45/- then later as Rifleman HK $ 60/- salary in a month.We had contributed for Hong Kong many uncountable assistants ie.

Prior to evacuate Hong Kong villagers' shelters,boats' homes,(there were no such buildings in 1960s) typhoon Signals hoisted was more stronger than No.10 Signals,thunder storming heavy raining whole days/nights,swept killing many poor people and a huge damaged properties,landslides,floods, put out fire on the mountains even at midnight have to wake up till 3-4 am, I was called(SP Company 2/6 GR) out from Kluang, Malaysia to assist 1/6 GR stationed Hong Kong in 1967 do you know what was the situation in Hong Kong? There were many incidents in Hong Kong not blooded but killed Gurkha in an II operation.Maj GCO Harkasing Rai was awarded MC in Hong Kong.He was very strong aggressive,decisions maker leader, Officer Commanding in 1/6 GR, No body have written the history.etc.

I found a sentence written about the Gurkha in HK Police museum in Wan Chai. So if you need to share knowledge I requested to have time to time the workshop,seminar so that we(Nepalese) can have equal knowledge.It's no good blinding saying,Do you know there was a pilot Gurkha in WW2 ?The Gurkhas history was only written in Italian National history books no countries have in details about Gurkhas. We Gurkhas(original Indian Gurkhas then the Brigade of Gurkhas) our main icon the Gurkha,we must be very proud,well disciplined,courageous,honesty,hard workers, dutifully etc. Our main vision is to protect our good name for our new generations and identity in Hong Kong Nepalese. Please think ahead before leap. Thanks.

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